CEO's Message


BGI started in 1994 as a result of a blend of passion and expertise combined with opportunities in the aviation industry. Having spent the previous year in the simulation and training industry, I determined that companies delivering products and services to the end user, the war-fighter, could benefit from highly experienced expertise inserted into those programs at key places and times. BGI was formed in order to build upon that need. At that time we were a handful of highly skilled F-16 fighter pilots, today are a diverse multi service, multi-platform company that proclaims expertise in operational analysis and engineering services. Our core purpose began in the form of providing a place for expertise to engage in early development of a product that was to end up in the hands of the war-fighter. Today our core purpose is to facilitate a path for both our customers and our employees in every endeavor and opportunity to ultimately achieve their full potential. We blend this purpose with 5 core values that embody not only what we strive to show in every endeavor, but really what our company is comprised of as a whole. Each BGI team member brings a healthy foundation in each of these values with them before they arrive on campus. We simply promote the environment for these values to blossom in every possible area. These values are:


• Leadership - At BGI everyone and anyone can be a leader

• Integrity - BGI must satisfy the moral fiber of right and wrong before proceeding in any direction

• Commitment - Loyal to our customers-we stay until its done, loyalty running up, down, left and right within the organization

• Excellence - Our brand promise is a level of performance by our people or our products that is exactly what is hoped for, and delivered

• Teamwork - We blend the unique strength of talents between BGI members and through efforts with industry partners, enhancing and energizing those efforts


Our company has a multitude of strengths, the most notable being our ability to integrate our operational, technical, and engineering skills and services into virtually any program or product at any time. We help guide our partners, programs, and projects achieve more through keen experienced insight and hard work at the appropriate times. This helps our customer in turn achieve their goals to a higher degree. We thus fulfill our core purpose by the implementation of our core values in every endeavor and situation.

BGI future is a balanced blend of sustainment management and growth. Our business model demands that growth steps are always on sound supported foundation. We ensure that we will “be around” to carry on the mission we have today. In addition, our vision calls for growth in both our sustaining ground but also in carefully analyzed and achievable areas that buffer our current proven record. Our most important asset is our people and BGI works daily to ensure that we provide a secure, challenging, and rewarding place today that our members can count on being there in years to come. Please consider joining us or inviting us to join you as we all work toward achieving our full potential.