BGI Wins SBIR Phase I Research Contract for Universal Decoder for Airborne Gnerated Data

10/3/14 2:24 PM

Akron, Ohio, BGI, LLC wins SBIR Phase I research contract for Universal Decoder for Airborne Generated Data.  The objective of this research project is to develop and demonstrate an adaptive off-aircraft software module capable of decoding airborne data files from raw binary or vendor specific formats into an open format.  Modern military aircraft generate volumes of digital data as time correlated observations measuring the aircraft state, subsystem performance, airframe stresses, and other parameters, which are collected and stored on the aircraft during flight. This data is routinely stored in crash survivable media designed to provide a record of the flight in the event of a mishap, as well as downloaded periodically onto various media for off-vehicle analysis in support of the spectrum of Maintenance, Operations, Safety, and Training (MOST) functions. No standard format is currently prescribed for this type of airborne data storage, which results in limitations in reading, interpreting, and aggregating the data. As such, post-mishap data reconstruction efforts can face extensive and unacceptable delays while determining the specific data format for a particular storage device. Additionally, applications designed to be system (or platform) agnostic that provide off-vehicle data analysis can be extremely challenged in an environment where the input data structure is unknown or unique. This problem is not only faced by the applications mentioned above. In general, any process by which stored data from multiple sources or applications is manipulated to produce a coherent output is subject to the same types of limitations if multiple input data formats are used.
To mitigate this shortfall in capability, innovative research is needed to develop a software module that is capable of converting data designed to be downloaded or otherwise mined from aircraft (data contained within crash survivable media in particular, however, all data in general) using multiple intrinsic data formats to a standard, easily usable format for off-vehicle PC based analysis by text editors, spreadsheets, and analysis software.  This is BGI’s second ever SBIR prime contract award.  Phase I is a feasibility study, with the goal of a follow-on Phase II award to develop a software prototype.