BGI has a highly experienced and qualified staff to support all phases of the engineering program life-cycle. This expertise includes systems engineering, software & hardware engineering, system integration, test and, delivery. Additionally, our personnel have strong technical management experience in marketing, developing, and fielding complex technical military systems with the capability to both lead and support our customer’s technical management team.

We have extensive experience in systems engineering on a variety of complex programs in the military simulation & training industry, as well as other military technologies. BGI understands the importance of systems engineering from requirements analysis to system design and development through system verification. BGI’s staff of management, engineering and operational experts provides our customers with a true interdisciplinary systems engineering team to ensure program requirements are cost effectively identified, implemented, tested and delivered to the meet end-user expectations.

BGI’s software engineering team offers our customer a wealth of software development experience from a variety of state-of-the-art military programs in numerous programming languages.

BGI has a vast background in the integration and test of extremely complex systems. Our team has led and supported integration of state-of-the-art systems for US and foreign customers. In addition, as Test Directors, the BGI team has developed acceptance and verification criteria to ensure compliance to program requirements. By leveraging our combined engineering and operational experience, BGI is able to help our customers maximize efficiency during the integration and test phase, thus reducing program risk and costs.

The BGI engineering team has led and supported deliveries and installations of military systems all over the world. BGI understands the complexities of facility interfacing when installing and verifying the deliverable system. Our staff has worked closely with customer end-users to verify system performance through Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E). In addition, BGI engineers and operational staff have supported numerous post-delivery product updates and enhancements.