BGI specializes in providing training program solutions through focused application of expert, instructor-experienced aircrew from a variety of platforms ranging from helicopters to fighter/bomber and transport aircraft. Our personnel support industry in a wide variety of efforts related to Contract Aircrew Training and Courseware Development (CAT/CWD) including interactive courseware development, training document generation, syllabus creation, ground-based academic and simulation training, contract in-flight instruction, and training system program management.

Our experience and areas of expertise are uniquely suited to provide the highest quality of aircrew training services and products. BGI’s comprehensive ability to support training activities is derived from our staff’s background and core competencies as experienced operational and instructor pilots. Our personnel include combat-experienced aircrew with extensive backgrounds in training and evaluation; and with credentials from the most advanced military pilot training programs. Our analysts are recognized authorities in military training requirements and thoroughly understand the needs of the target users and students.

In addition to the extensive training and experience obtained from military service, our analysts have thorough understanding of training resource generation, curriculum development, and training program execution from participation in a variety of BGI customer support efforts.

BGI has become highly sought after by numerous government and industry customers for its expertise in providing the most highly qualified experts in military aviation training and operations as a core technical service. The combination of our company’s vast collective experience and exceptional, highly trained personnel allows BGI to provide our customers with cost-effective training support solutions that lower risk and increase overall probability of profitability and program success.