SeaPort-e Team

The BGI SeaPort-e Team is uniquely structured to support the United States Navy’s requirements in a wide number of the SeaPort-e functional areas and zones.

BGI Seaport-E Team Points of Contact

  • Chris Owens
    Chief Operations Officer
    330.374.7737 x1401
  • Sharon Savage
    Senior Operations Manager
    330.374.7737 x1130

Service Experience

The following is a summary of BGI service experience listed by Seaport-e functional area.

Research and Development Support

BGI has extensive experience supporting research and development activities related to next generation aircraft, simulation, and training systems. Our user perspective and warfighter expertise is particularly valuable in this functional area. BGI often teams with dedicated research companies including those who specialize in sophisticated psychological and human factors disciplines or the application of advanced technologies in the development of training systems.

Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support

BGI has considerable expertise in systems engineering and product development on a variety of programs and weapons platforms for NAVAIR as well as numerous large defense contractors. BGI’s engineering support typically begins in the acquisition phase with initial concept development and generation of system and subsystem level requirements and specifications. BGI engineering support continues throughout the entire program development cycle, including training requirements analysis, system design and development, subsystem and complete system integration, verification testing and customer acceptance. BGI specializes in bridging the gap between operational and technical requirements to deliver state-of-the-art technical systems that meet the needs of the operational community upon initial delivery.

Modeling, Simulation, Stimulation, and Analysis Support

BGI has amassed significant experience in all types of tactical aviation modeling, simulation, and stimulation approaches by supporting the development of over 100 different high-fidelity training devices. BGI Analysts have contributed to the development of physical, mathematical and logical models for visual and sensor databases and tactical environments including the creation of synthetic entities governed by physical models, such as guided weapons, electronic countermeasures, and sensor systems.

Prototyping, Pre-Production, Model-Making, and Fabrication Support

BGI has been involved in the development, testing, and evaluation of prototypical and first article systems representing both large-scale, high-fidelity training devices and standalone applications. Work performed in this functional area is often closely related to work performed in Research and Development where prototype systems and models later become production versions in a follow-on phase of the program.

System Design Documentation and Technical Data Support

BGI has provided deliverable documentation for NAVAIR as well as numerous large defense contractors on a variety of weapons platforms.

Human Factors, Performance, and Usability Engineering Support

BGI is a company comprised of leading experts in nearly every tactical aviation platform in the U.S. inventory. Our employees have the training and experience required to provide critical support of aviation related Human Factors and Performance activities. Our personnel are experts in defining required user knowledge, skills and abilities and tailoring training systems to complement and enhance those Human Factors. BGI Analysts are authorities at designing human-machine interfaces that ensure intuitive use, increasing system integrity and enabling efficient operations.

Interoperability, Test and Evaluation, Trials Support

BGI has provided Test and Evaluation (T&E) support for numerous simulator programs, including F-16, F/A-18 and F-35 training systems. As part of these contracts, BGI helped develop test procedures at both the subsystem and system level to verify simulator performance compliance to program requirements.

Training Support

Providing expertise in training support is a primary mission of BGI. Our personnel have extensive training backgrounds and are ideally suited to aid in the development, implementation and support of any military aviation training effort. Our training support experience includes high-fidelity simulator development, interactive courseware development, training document generation, syllabus creation, ground-based academic and simulation training and contract in-flight instruction.

Program Support

BGI has successfully supported numerous business and technical disciplines by matching skilled personnel with customer needs. BGI Operational Experts have assisted business development efforts by providing personnel with experience and authoritative knowledge relevant to the proposed effort. These experts were able to relate prime contractor technical capabilities to potential user training requirements and could present technical solutions in terms and concepts familiar to the user. This unique combination of technical savvy coupled with extensive operational and training experience has positioned BGI Operational Experts to support a wide variety of planning, staffing, organizational and leadership team efforts.

Quality Assurance Program

BGI’s corporate Quality information can be found here.