ISO 9001:2015

BGI has successfully completed International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 registration for our Quality Management System (QMS). BGI was initially ISO-9001 certified in 2012. BGI’s current Certificate of Registration was issued in August 2018 and is valid through August 2021.  The ISO 9001:2015 standard is a demanding certification level with stringent auditing, management review and process improvement requirements. The standard identifies requirements designed to help companies create and maintain procedures to ensure quality in their products and services. BGI achieved this important milestone after completing a lengthy set of process improvement initiatives involving nearly every aspect of our business. To view the BGI ISO 9001 Certificate click here.

Quality Management System

BGI seeks to sustain the highest levels of quality through the documentation, execution and continuous improvement of company processes with a strong focus on mission accomplishment and customer satisfaction. One of BGI management's primary goals is complete customer satisfaction. To achieve and maintain customer satisfaction, BGI has implemented a multifaceted QMS that emphasizes quality in all phases in all disciplines within BGI. This quality focus begins with BGI management who strive to create a team environment by building and maintaining a strong, positive attitude among the workforce and by stressing a "do it right the first time" attitude among managers and personnel. Quality processes have been created and are followed to support this business philosophy. Lastly, a quality organization within BGI has been established to maintain and continually improve the BGI Quality Management System.

Quality Assurance Goals

BGI is committed to the following quality assurance goals:

   1.  Complete customer satisfaction with all BGI products and services.

   2.  Total requirement coverage by all BGI products and supplied services.

   3.  Zero defects in all BGI delivered products.

Process area (Engineering, Human Resources, Security, etc.) specific quality goals are established annually to support our corporate goals.

Quality Management Perspective

The BGI management team, including the Quality Manager, supports the QMS by:

   1.  Identifying the processes needed for the QMS and their application throughout the organization,

   2.  Determining the sequence and interaction of the quality processes,

   3.  Determining the criteria and methods needed to ensure effective control and operation these processes,

   4.  Ensuring the availability of resources necessary to support the operation and monitoring of these processes,

   5.  Monitoring, measuring and analyzing these processes,

   6.  Implementing actions necessary to achieve planned results and continual improvement of these processes.

Corrective and Preventive Measures

BGI strives to eliminate all defects in products as well as provide services that completely satisfy customers. Processes are in place to correct deficiencies and to prevent future deficiencies from occurring. Nonconformances are documented for any products or services that do not meet the performance standards expected by the customer or the inability to complete work as prescribed in the program contract. A product nonconformance may be found at any phase of product development or test, including after delivery of products to the customer. A BGI service nonconformance can be identified at any time during the contracted service to a customer. Nonconformances are documented, corrected and tracked to closure. Nonconformances are reviewed by the BGI management team on a continual basis, root cause analysis is performed and BGI processes are reviewed and improved as necessary to continually strive for complete customer satisfaction and zero defects.

Quality Awareness and Training

Quality is built into the BGI processes that are part of the BGI work environment. BGI employees receive several briefings during the hiring and orientation process to provide a clear level of understanding of BGI’s expectations and processes and what constitutes BGI quality products and services. In addition to these initial briefings, employees receive periodic refresher briefings and training to re-emphasize BGI expectations and to inform them of developments and changes in BGI processes that affect their day-to-day work activities. On the program side, periodic program meetings are conducted where quality issues are presented and addressed, including action items or discrepancies involving product or service quality. All of these communication venues ensure that a quality mindset is instilled into BGI employees and is maintained within each and every BGI employee throughout their careers at BGI.


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