Up close shot of helicopter performing training rescue operation over the columbia river at sunset

Training Systems Support

Training systems support graphicSince its inception in 1994, BGI has developed and fostered a core competency in the application of Operational Analyst (OA) support to the entire training system life cycle, primarily as a subcontractor to major system integrators.  An OA is a platform Subject Matter Expert who is trained in industry processes and is fully prepared to integrate his or her depth of operational experience into every step of the technical effort. Select any part of the typical System Development Life Cycle below to see examples of BGI value-added.

1. Assess Needs

Pre-Contract Customer Liaison, Concept of Operations (CONOPS) Development, Training Needs Analysis, Performance Specification Development and Training Task List Development.

2. Design Specifications

Decomposition and Allocation of Requirements to Subsystem Level, Analysis of Government/Customer Furnished Data and Technical Specification Development

3. Design/Develop/Test

User Interface Development (e.g., Instructor Station, Scenario Generation, Brief/Debrief System), Data Science, System and Subsystem Level Test Planning, Mission-based Test Planning, Independent Test Conduct and Discrepancy Tracking, User Manual and Documentation Development.

4. Implement Systems

Customer Acceptance Testing Support and Liaison, Deployment and Installation Team Support, Operator and End User Training.

5. Support Operations

Contract Instruction, Operator and End User Liaison, On-site Technical Support, Help Desk Support.

6. Evaluate Performance

Customer Liaison for System Update and Upgrade Needs, Fielded System Discrepancy Tracking, System Configuration Working Group Participation.