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Instruction & Courseware

As BGI matured in its role supporting the training system life cycle, we identified the need for better application of the human instructor and courseware development elements within the Support Operations area.  As mission training capability improved and Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) began to take shape; our blend of operational and technical expertise was needed in such areas as training scenario generation, multi-site mission coordination and instructor role-playing of friendly and hostile air and surface entities.  In the early 2000’s, we began to pursue Contract Aircrew Training and Courseware Development (CAT/CWD) contracts in the prime and subcontractor roles.  This led to CAT work in academic, simulator and in-flight training as well as managing improvements in interactive courseware for multiple aircraft platforms.  Today, BGI’s CAT/CWD experience includes formal and continuation training for:

  • Air Force MQ-1/9 Pilots and Sensor Operators
  • Navy E-6B Aircrew
  • Air National Guard C-27J Aircrew
  • Royal Saudi Air Force Weapons System Operators
  • Navy Undergraduate Military Flight Officers
  • Air Force A-10C Pilots
  • Air Force EC-130H Flight Deck and Mission Crew Personnel
  • Air Force Weapons Instructor Course (WIC)
  • Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve F-16C Pilots
  • Air Force B-52 Aircrew
  • Air Force B-1 Aircrew