BGI attending International Fighter 2016: Advancing Full Spectrum Capability

11/5/16 3:59 PM

The International Fighter conference is being held at the Hilton Bankside in London, England, from 5-17 November 2016.  This conference covers critical issues and 5th Generation capabilities as well as preparedness, advances in munitions, sensor and radar technology, and ground attack.  The conference is also going to focus on mission planning and LVC training, which is a pre-cursor to events at I/ITSEC.

Tasked with managing the most advanced equipment available to modern forces, the fighter community must deliver the most out of their capability by continually adapting to emerging and existing threats. Fighter aircraft are no longer constrained to a purely kinetic response, these ever-capable and expensive platforms are expected to deliver in non-traditional ISR, EW and C2 roles and ensure the ability to shape a distributed air operations capability in contested airspace.  For more info see