BGI has been developing solutions for the aviation community since 2006. Initially specializing in ground station after action review products, our offerings have expanded to support a wide variety of tools and content relevant to aviation maintenance, operations, safety and training activities.

Today our flight data analysis and visualization solutions provide aviation stakeholders meaningful information that can be used to support activities such as:

  • Flight Data Management (FDM)/Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA)

  • Aircrew training

  • Cockpit/sensor video/audio recording synchronized replay

  • Health and Usage Monitoring (HUMS)

  • Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)/Prognostics

  • Simulator Operations Quality Assurance (SOQA)

  • Human Performance Asseement



BGI emphasizes capabilities that matter to our customers. Our aviation subject matter experts work directly with our customers to create tailored solutions. After delivery we ensure customer satisfaction with options for follow on training and support. We can even offer dedicated analysts for larger customers with dynamic, long term analysis and reporting requirements.

Analysis Solutions

Data is extraordinarily valuable but is rarely captured in useful form. BGI has developed analysis solutions that collect and operate on data collected from disparate sources such as aircraft, simulator, range instrumentation, environment, and flight operations systems. We use innovative tools to process data, detect events, apply logic, and generate results; thereby converting raw data into useful information.

Visualization Solutions

The human is the most valuable element of the aviation enterprise and raw data is of little use within the enterprise. BGI has developed visualization solutions that present the raw data and analysis results and reports in insightful and meaningful ways; helping to convert information to knowledge. 

Aviation Cloud Enterprise - Analysis and Visualization for Aviation (AVA)

BGI is proud to announce the development of Aviation Cloud Enterprise, a comprehensive technology suite purpose-built for our experienced-based methodology of turning flight data into actionable knowledge. Our cloud-based Analysis and Visualization for Aviation (AVA) framework uses client-server technology. ...

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Analysis and Reporting Client (ARC)

BGI’s Analysis and Reporting Client (ARC) is a mature and proven software suite optimized to operate on small data sets (approximately 1000 flights with a data rich platform). ARC can operate standalone on locally stored data files or as a client to sever based data warehouses. ...

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Government Customers

BGI’s aviation data analysis experience originated in the military aviation simulation & training industry through the development of After-Action Review (AAR) systems. ...

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