F-16 Instructor/Subject Matter Expert

BGI is seeking an F-16 Instructor/Subject Matter Expert (I/SME).  This position instructs in all F-16 pilot training devices used at Tucson Air National Guard Base and Texas Air National Gueard Base, JBSA-Lackland, and instructs in the classroom in specific areas of aircraft systems, weapons employment and tactics.  These areas coincide with assigned areas of responsibility and are the focal point for technical content of assigned courseware materials.  I/SME use their knowledge of technical orders, AF/ANG publications, and F-16 aircraft systems to provide consistent, accurate lesson content input as a member of the courseware development team.

Job Responsibilities:
Conduct quality training device instruction to include console and cockpit operation
Conduct quality platform academic instruction
Evaluate and record student performance
Conduct remedial student training when required
Monitor courseware currency in assigned academic and trainier areas of responsibility
Provide content input for all lesson revisions and new lessons as the primary SME
Review publications for updated information to be incorporated into training materials
Conduct upgrade and continuation training for other BGI and ANG instructors
Perform contract training support duties as directed and assigned by the Site Manager or Chief Instructor
Be available during duty hours to answer student training questions
Conduct Instrument Refresher Course Instruction as required
Perform as flight evaluation board or mishap investigation board witness if required

Required and/or Preferred Qualifications:

Education, License, Credential Requirements:
Must be able to obtain and maintain a USG secret security clearance
Bachelors degree from an accredited university

Must have a minimum of five hundred (500) hours air-to-air and air-to-ground flight experience as an Instructor pilot (F-16, F-15, F-18, F-22, or comparable aircraft)
or have been previously qualified as a cockpit qualified, training device contract instructor in the F-16
Must have been qualified in the above listed fighter aircraft within the last four years, or qualified as a contract cockpit qualified instructor in the preceding two years
More than one thousand (1,000) flying hours in the F-16 is desired
Previous experience as an academic platform instructor is desired
Previous experience as a training device (simulator) instructor is desired
Previous experience as an FTU flight instructor is desired

Special Knowledge and Skills: 
Must be competent in the use of Microsoft Office Suite programs, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
USAF Fighter Weapons Instructor course or Navy Top Gun graduate desired
AFFSA Advanced Instrument School graduate desired
USAF Academic Instructor School or comparable program graduate desired

Job Details

Location: Tucson, AZ or JBSA-Lackland
Salary: Commensurate with Experience
Status Full-time or Part-time

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