Web Application Engineer

BGI is seeking a Web Application Engineer.  BGI supports our clients and their customers by creating technology to analyze, visualize and explore data.  Our community focuses on a robust collection of aircraft maintenance data, transforming it into the knowledge that aircrew and passengers are always flying safely.  The system builds on a foundation of data collected from the aircraft and the operating environment, augmented with algorithms run at Big Data scale.  The user’s data exploration experience begins with visualization through web applications to reveal insights, then explore them, through interactions with the data.  Their experience continues through client-side applications that connect to enterprise data and allow for deeper experimentation. 

In this position you are a developer, building the web applications for interactive visualization.  You are working with the customer to understand their perspective, then using that knowledge to design and build the web application framework.  Their experience, and your expertise, pivots into the client application where you develop extensions to existing data analysis products to given them the exploratory analysis environment they need.  Your efforts create the tools that are needed to keep the airspace safe!

Job Responsibilities:
Design and develop web-based user interfaces for aircraft maintenance activities
Design interfaces that integrate with target user’s daily routine, supporting their primary objectives
Develop interactive web interfaces for users to create analysis functions
Create web-based presentations, including visualizations, to convey data
Apply Big Data user interface approaches to support data exploration
Interact with Hadoop ecosystem to access data
Support application of maintenance policies such as hard-copy records
Develop within security guidelines established by customer frameworks
Develop resources to operate in disconnected client application
Developing interfaces between deployed client applications and the web front-end.
Support stand-up and integration of web application at customer sites

Education, License, Credential Requirements:
Minimum: Bachelor’s in Computer Science or equivalent. 
Master’s degree in computer science, applied math or engineering desired

At least 5 years of experience with software development experience in web applications

Special Knowledge and Skills: 
Java, JSP, Tomcat or other web stack technologies
Ozone Widget Framework: apps, widgets, intents
Cross-browser development in Canvas, WebGL, d3js, SVG, CSS3, HTML5 C++, Qt, Boost, webkit
Familiarity with aviation web applications is a plus
Familiarity with aviation related maintenance is a plus
Experience with Python is desired

** This is for US Citizens Only **

Job Details

Location: Akron, OH or Lexington Park, MD
Salary: Commensurate with Experience
Status Full-Time

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