BGI Awarded GSA MAS Contract for Flight Training

BGI Awarded a GSA MAS Contract for Flight Training

What exactly is GSA MAS?

GSA MAS stands for the General Services Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Program. It is the premier contract vehicle for the federal government, facilitating long-term, government-wide contracts between commercial suppliers and federal buyers. Through the MAS Program, federal buyers gain access to millions of commercial products and services at negotiated ceiling prices, representing approximately 21 percent of overall federal procurement spending—about $42 billion per year!

Structure of GSA MAS

The GSA MAS solicitation is organized into Large Categories, Subcategories, and Special Item Numbers (SINs). Currently, there are 12 large categories representing a diverse array of products and services. These are further refined into 83 subcategories and over 300 SINs, each mapped to corresponding North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) codes.

Opportunities for Schedule Holders

Holding a Schedule contract can open numerous business opportunities for companies like BGI, but it requires continuous effort and commitment. A Schedule contract must be actively managed, marketed, and pursued for opportunities. Winning a Schedule contract is not an endpoint but rather a means to achieving broader business goals.

BGI’s GSA MAS Contract Award

We are excited to announce that BGI has been awarded GSA MAS contract number 47QRAA24D0088 effective today. Please note that it will take a few weeks before the contract information is accessible in the GSA systems.

BGI’s Anticipated Offerings under GSA MAS

BGI plans to offer services under the GSA Schedule Category Flight Training. The Professional Services Category provides innovative solutions for professional services needs across federal, state, and local governments. The Training Subcategory encompasses various services including Business Administrative, Environmental, Financial, Identity Protection, Language, Legal, Logistical, Non-IT Technical and Engineering Services, Marketing and Public Relations, and Training.

Since its founding in 1994, BGI has integrated operational, technical, and engineering expertise to enhance customer capabilities in aviation, defense, and national security training programs. BGI will continue this legacy by offering services under the following Subcategory and new SIN:

  • 611512 Flight Training: This SIN includes all professional services associated with aviation and flight training.

Labor Categories Offered by BGI

BGI anticipates offering a variety of labor categories such as Senior Operational Analyst, Junior Operational Analyst, Associate Operational Analyst, and Senior Maintenance Analyst, in support of the following core services:

  • Aircrew Training Device Instruction
  • Aircrew Classroom Instruction, Performance Evaluation, and Remedial Instruction
  • Aviation Training System Design, Installation, Configuration, and Testing
  • Training and Operational Requirements Analysis
  • Aviation Service/Product Testing and Design Requirements Validation
  • Flight Instruction

Why Buy from BGI through a Schedule Contract?

  • Streamlined Procedures: Increased acquisition speed
  • Access to Small Businesses: Supports required socioeconomic goals
  • FAR Compliant & Pre-Qualified: Mitigates risk to performance and delivery
  • Pre-Negotiated Ceiling Prices: Best value for our Most Favored Customer
  • Access to Emerging Technologies & Innovative Solutions: Benefit from the industry’s best

How to Buy from BGI through GSA Schedules

Prospective clients can purchase services either non-competitively or competitively. A Statement of Work (SOW) may be required for services priced at hourly rates or Time and Materials (T&M)-type contracts, or it may not be required for supplies and Firm Fixed Price (FFP)-type contracts, as directed by acquisition regulations.

Sole Source clients can contact BGI directly to inquire about services offered under SIN 611512. The GSA eLibrary provides detailed information online. Once BGI’s contract information becomes accessible, all pertinent details, including solicitation, terms and conditions, clauses, and socioeconomic status, will be available.

All purchases, regardless of competition type, will be made via GSA Advantage! and through the release of Requests for Information (RFIs) and Requests for Quotes (RFQs) via eBuy. This process ensures that buyers save time and money, while GSA manages the single master contract vehicle to fulfill complex or ongoing needs, thereby reducing the overall contract awards and administration burden. Clients benefit from BGI’s proven excellence and innovative solutions at guaranteed lowest rates.

For more information on how BGI can support your training and operational needs through GSA MAS, visit our website or contact us directly.


BGI to Attend IT2EC 2024 in London!

BGI, LLC  is attending The International Training Technology Exhibition and Conference (IT2EC) this week in London, UK.  IT2EC is Europe’s largest dedicated event for Defense training. The conference is an exciting mix of cutting-edge R&D in military simulation and training technology, and non-traditional case studies from the likes of the gaming community. 


BGI attendance is key to supporting our International Advanced Training campaign where we will help guide warfighters to train in the highest fidelity and effective training environments. We find that demonstrating a value add to our partners brings our teamwork core value to the front of the equation. 


We have had terrific engagements with a multitude of current and future industry partners. These conferences continue to provide the right level and depth of engagement to meet today’s training requirements for the future!

BGI-ASI JV Awarded Contract to Develop Next Generation of Integrated Navigation, Seamanship, and Shiphandling Trainers (NSST)

The BGI-ASI Joint Venture, formed between BGI LLC and Aero Simulation, Inc., has been awarded a single-award indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract with a ceiling of $202 Million over five years to develop the next generation of Integrated Navigation, Seamanship, and Shiphandling Trainers (NSST) by the US Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division.

The BGI-ASI team includes Defense Maritime Solutions (DMS), with their industry leading maritime software suite that is currently fielded in US Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security maritime trainers and commercial shipping maritime trainers globally; and Dignitas Technologies, a leader in Modeling, Simulation and Training, which rounds out the NSST core team. The effort provides for the modernization of the existing family of maritime trainers.

Under the contract, an extensible common baseline that leverages the latest in gaming engine technology will be delivered.  This technical approach creates an opportunity to extend the continuum of training through reusable components of the common baseline to support training that meets the Ready Relevant Learning (RRL) initiatives of providing the right training, at the right place, and at the right time. Work will be performed in Norfolk, Virginia; San Diego, California; Newport, Rhode Island; Orlando, Florida; Yokosuka, Japan; Mayport, Florida; Everett, Washington; Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; Sasebo, Japan; and Rota, Spain.

BGI to Attend AFCEA New Horizons Conference – March 11-13, 2024

BGI is expanding our Horizons! We will be attending the AFCEA New Horizons Conference 11-13 March in Newton, MA for the first time. New Horizons brings together Government, industry partners, and domain experts that will present and discuss the state of readiness, focusing on the associated new business opportunities and the way forward to ensure future dominance of the U.S. Air Force. With keynote speakers from Air Staff and PEO leadership, this year’s event explores the approaches that PEOs C3I & Networks, Digital, Nuclear Command, Control and Communications (NC3), PEO C3BM, and the broader community will use to respond to this call to ensure our readiness. This year’s theme of “Unyielding Vigilance: Fortifying Our Military Preparedness for Contested Environments,” fits perfectly into BGI’s commitment to provide support for Advanced Programs to prepare our Warfighters for the peer-to-peer fight! We look forward to speaking with colleagues, old and new, as we continue to engage in this key role toward effective combat capability. Please say “Hi” to our CGO Chris “Buck” Owens if you have any interest in training Warfighters, need JSE expertise, or have Big Data analytic requirements! We look forward to seeing everyone in Newton! Reports Ukrainian Pilots Start Training on the F-16 in Arizona

Training is critical in every phase of combat employment and mission success. Fundamental, Transition, Continuation, all the phases mandate blended training with combat employment.

This work at Morris with the 162nd is a critical piece for the successful development of the F-16 for the Ukrainian Air Force to ensure safety and combat lethality.


Read the article at: Ukrainian Pilots Start Training on the F-16 in Arizona (

BGI to Attend the Tailhook Association’s 67th Symposium in Reno!

BGI, LLC is attending the Tailhook Association’s 67th Symposium this weekend in Reno, NV!  Our cadre of Naval and Marine Corps Aviators looks forward to an exciting and engaging event focused on current and future warfighter training and readiness!  “Hook ‘23” is an outstanding annual event that brings together generations of “Tail Hookers”, industry partners and USN/USMC active duty leadership.  The symposium features opportunities for BGI to network, recruit, and bond with our customers, teammates and the end-user!

This year’s theme centers around Operation Iraqi Freedom, reflecting on 20 years since “shock and awe” and the Iraq campaign.

Please contact Chief Growth Officer Chris Owens via email at if you would like to engage with our team.

BGI to Attend AFA’s Air, Space, & Cyber Conference (ASCC) in full force this year!

BGI will be attending the AFA’s Air, Space, & Cyber Conference (ASCC) in full force this year! ASCC is the leading professional development event for Air Force and Space Force officers, enlisted members, civilians, veterans, and defense industry leaders and representatives. The conference brings together top Air Force and Space Force leadership, industry experts, and government officials to discuss challenges facing the aerospace and cyber communities today and in the future. It is a fantastic way to collaborate with fellow industry members in a focused, warfighter supporting environment.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Defeating Multipolar Threats: A Strategic Imperative for Airmen & Guardians.”

BGI CEO Phil Dismukes comments, “We are fortunate to be providing direct training and engineering support to the USAF on the F-35, F-22, F-16, B-1, B-52, A-10, EC-130, MQ-9 platforms as well as to the USAF Weapons School.  We are being responsive to SECAF and USAF Leadership to DEFEAT THE THREAT as part of our daily mission. I’m proud to be joined by Robert “Moose” Smith, Jim Hardin and Chris “X” Cross along with BGI Senior Advisors Kevin “Omar” Bradley and Bill “Kanga” Rew. We are ready to engage partners and customers in National Harbor to respond to the challenges ahead for our Airmen and Guardians!”

We also are proud to be sponsoring the 2023 AFA Virginia Suite this year. Please reach out if you would like to meet or revisit with the BGI team. is our AFA team leader for 2023.

BGI Becomes DoD SkillBridge Partner

BGI is proud to become an authorized SkillBridge Organization.  SkillBridge is an opportunity for Service members to gain valuable civilian work experience through specific industry training, apprenticeships, or internships during the last 180 days of military service prior to release from Active Duty. SkillBridge connects Service members with industry partners and real-world job experiences that are designed to aid the Service Member in finding meaningful and gainful employment after discharge. The duration of a SkillBridge program must not be more than 180 days and must occur during a participating Service member’s last 180 days on active duty in accordance with guidance described in DOD Instruction 1322.29.


More information regarding the program may be found at  Specific BGI internship opportunities are located at



BGI to Attend 2023 Sea Air Space Global Exposition

BGI, LLC will attend the 2023 Sea Air Space Global Exposition in National Harbor, MD this year in force.  This is the largest Maritime Expo in the United States. Sea Air Space brings the U.S. defense industry and key military decision makers together for three days of informative education sessions, important policy discussions and a dynamic exhibit hall floor. The Navy League of the United States owns and produces the event that attracts maritime leaders from sea services around the globe. The event also gives industry a terrific chance to have dialogue with USN personnel and fellow industry members. Current times warrant addressing national security and BGI attending this forum is our opportunity to engage and ultimately provide solutions to the needs of the United States Navy.

We plan to use the time in National Harbor to address our core competencies and value add in the SEA, AIR and SPACE domains. We have found that exercising our core value of TEAMWORK has brought unique capabilities of organizations together to respond quickly to the needs of our customers.  We will have several attendees, Chris “Buck” Owens, Chief Growth Officer along with Greg Wadel, Vice President of Business Development and Chris “Towny” Townsend who will be primarily filing his volunteer Navy League Executive Officer position for the conference. Chris is poised to become the next Navy League National President in under 60 days.

Join us in this quest! Please contact Chief Growth Officer Chris “Buck” Owens via email at if you would like to engage with our team.


BGI to Attend AFA Warfare Symposium 2023 in Denver

BGI, LLC will attend the 2023 AFA’s Warfare Symposium (AWS) in Denver this year in force.  Yes, the conference has moved from Orlando to Denver and will be held March 6-8 2023. The 2023 theme is: “Dominant Air & Space Forces to Deter, Fight & Win.” Our team is prepared to engage with AFA Conference attendees to focus on this conference theme of existing and pipeline opportunities in support of the warfighter. The AWS is a premier professional development event for the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force as well as the aerospace and defense industry that supports them. We see that the emphasis on “Space” is line abreast with “Air” and having the location in close proximity to Colorado Space activities will provide the desired synergy for Industry and the USG attendees. Attended by DOD officers, enlisted members, civilians, and veterans, this warfighting symposium will focus on the critical concerns and challenges of deterring, fighting and winning in every corner of the globe. Drawing speakers from combatant commands, as well as from the Air and Space forces, the symposium features opportunities to network, dynamic exhibits.

We plan to use the time in Denver to address our core competencies and value add in both the AIR and SPACE domains. We have found that exercising our core value of TEAMWORK has brought unique capabilities of organizations together to respond quickly to the needs of our customers.  We will have several attendees, Robert “Moose” Smith, Chris “X” Cross and Burt “Burt” Field. Bill “Kanga” Rew and Kevin “Omar” Bradley will be supporting customers directly but also available for BGI initiatives and discussion. Join us in this quest! Please contact Chief Growth Officer Chris “Buck” Owens via email at if you would like to engage with our team.