BGI to Attend AFCEA New Horizons Conference – March 11-13, 2024

BGI is expanding our Horizons! We will be attending the AFCEA New Horizons Conference 11-13 March in Newton, MA for the first time. New Horizons brings together Government, industry partners, and domain experts that will present and discuss the state of readiness, focusing on the associated new business opportunities and the way forward to ensure future dominance of the U.S. Air Force. With keynote speakers from Air Staff and PEO leadership, this year’s event explores the approaches that PEOs C3I & Networks, Digital, Nuclear Command, Control and Communications (NC3), PEO C3BM, and the broader community will use to respond to this call to ensure our readiness. This year’s theme of “Unyielding Vigilance: Fortifying Our Military Preparedness for Contested Environments,” fits perfectly into BGI’s commitment to provide support for Advanced Programs to prepare our Warfighters for the peer-to-peer fight! We look forward to speaking with colleagues, old and new, as we continue to engage in this key role toward effective combat capability. Please say “Hi” to our CGO Chris “Buck” Owens if you have any interest in training Warfighters, need JSE expertise, or have Big Data analytic requirements! We look forward to seeing everyone in Newton!