September: Insider Threat Awareness Month

September 2019 has been designated “Insider Threat Awareness Month.” The insider threat continues to be a major concern to most organizations, public and private, and especially affects those companies in the National Industrial Base due to the nature of their business associated with Department of Defense contracts. Whether facilitated through cyber activity or not, insider incidents cause damage to national security and may result in the loss of life or the loss or compromise of classified information. These incidents are responsible for the loss of billions of dollars annually, through trade secret theft, fraud, sabotage, etc.

Most insider threats display concerning behaviors prior to initiating a malicious act. A well-established Insider Threat Program provides awareness to employees so that this type of information can be reported without compromising an employee’s privacy and civil liberties. Reporting enables an organization to take proactive measures that can result in a favorable outcome for the individual and the organization.

“If you see something, say something”